GEN I - 550 Paracord Survival Rifle Sling - Emerald Green - FREE SHIPPING

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Every true outdoorsman will tell you that the best way to be prepared is to ensure you carry equipment that serves multiple purposes. Make the most of what you carry and what you carry can, and often does, make all the difference in a true survival situation. 

By ensuring the items you typically carry serve multiple purposes there is little to no chance that you will be caught short-handed in an unforeseen situation.  Our survival rifle sling was designed specifically to address this mindset to outdoors survival by ensuring anyone equipped with the sling always has access to a supply of heavy duty Paracord in the event of an emergency situation.  The Paracord chosen for this sling is not inexpensive Paracord often found from big box stores however certified 550 Paracord, meaning this cord is rated to handle 550 pounds of load.  Unravel the sling and you have 40 feet of cord that can be used to aid in the construction of a shelter, secure a split, build an emergency stretcher or even replace rip cords on snow machines, ATVs or chainsaws.