Ferro Rod Firestarters

Used by military forces around the world for its dependability, Ferrocerium firestarters are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or survival expert.

Advantages of Ferro Rods;

- Reliable - not affected by water

- Unlike gas lighters that often fail or produce low, easily extinguishable flames, in extreme cold or high altitudes a ferro rod will continue to produce unfailing sparks

- Throws extremely hot sparks capable of igniting tinder easily (3000c/ 5400f)

- Does not leak or weep fuel as can happen with zippo or BIC style lighters

- Odorless, does not introduce telltale scents to betray your location in hunting situations

- Reliable and easy way to start camp stoves and other gas appliances, even in windy situations

- One large ferro rod will virtually last a lifetime

Keep one next to your fireplace, one in your backpack and one with your camping gear. Never find yourself without a fire option again with these quality ferro firestarters